People often ask when I'm going to put out a new record, and I think I can finally, safely, say "soon."  Maybe more than one. Maybe more than two. 

There's no shortage of new material -- those of you that come to hear me play live know that there are a number of unrecorded songs that I've been playing out with regularity for some time: "Show Me The Way," "A Ghost," "When It Rains," all of the "Romania songs." 

The issue has been a financial one.  Like a lot of musicians who have their own labels, I often wonder what the point is of making a new record in the current landscape where, let's face it, music is now free.

But there is a point, darn it, -- the point is to make art. I've got somewhere between 40 and 60 unrecorded songs, and more where those came from every week it seems. And I like them.

So, I'm gonna record them, and I'm going to pay as I go -- a few songs here, a few songs there, some with one group of musicians, some with others. I started a couple of weeks ago with some sessions up in Harlem with my brass band, and we got a bunch of really good things down.  The next batch will probably be with a different band.  When there's enough material to make a cohesive album, I'll put one out. But I'm going to keep recording where and when I can. Maybe by the end of the year there will be two or three new CDs of mine.

I recently posted a live version of one of the "Romania songs" on my Facebook page -- it's called "The Pensione Owner's Song," and the recording is from a show at JOE'S PUB in NYC this past December.

There's also an interesting discussion happening on that page about my music and what it sounds like to different people. I'd love to hear from you if you have any thoughts to contribute!

Thanks for listening.