Susan Oetgen

"YOUR VOICE" : JULY 22, 2009

The July 22nd concert at JOE'S PUB at the PUBLIC THEATER in NYC has become something of a concept evening entitled "YOUR VOICE," featuring a number of friends covering my songs, backed by me and the band. 

Here is a list of confirmed guests, and the songs they are scheduled to perform.  In addition to these folks, there may yet be some unannounced surprises coming to sit in with the band. Hope to see you there!


Wednesday, July 22 @7pm sharp

JOE'S PUB @ The Public Theater in New York City.  Tickets and info here.

Marika Hughes: "Someday" (from LOOK AT ALL THIS!)

Susan Oetgen "Anywhere at All" from "we are destroyed"

Sasha Dobson "It Won't Be Long II" (from upcoming new release)

Roland Barber "Want you to Be Mine" from DO WHAT I WANT)

Bill Malchow "Katie La La" (from LOOK AT ALL THIS!)

Skye Steele "In Another Life" (from DO WHAT I WANT)

Sheriff Uncle Bob "Luck" (unreleased outtake from LOOK AT ALL THIS!)

Richard Julian "Dreams of You" (from I LIKE YOU A LOT)

Ian Riggs "Pictures" (from LOOK AT ALL THIS!)

Mazz Swift "Good Times" (from THE HOWARD FISHMAN QUARTET)

Hope to see you there!

"we are destroyed" and Thursdays @ Pete's Candy

April is going to be a whole lot of fun in NY. 

"we are destroyed" (which we're now calling an opera, btw -- why not?) is about to go into rehearsals for its next showing, the first time that the piece has had a multi-night run and the first time that there will be movement, staged with elaborate brilliance by Ed Schmidt. You may remember Ed as the host and curator of DUMBOLIO, a very smart and entertaining monthly variety show that, sadly, has been on hiatus for a little while. 

Ed is directing a brand new cast, led by none other than the fabulous Susan Oetgen. "we are destroyed" will be at the ABRONS ARTS CENTER in NYC, on April 24-25 @8pm, and on April 26 @3pm. Tickets are here.

"Donner," by Howard Fishman, oil on canvas

Have a look at a nice piece on the project that just went online. I'm looking a little haggard in it, but the music sounds nice:


The other good news is that since I'll be here all month, I booked myself a residency at none other than PETE'S CANDY STORE, my old neighborhood haunt. I\ll be holding forth every Thursday night @11pm, and bringing in a variety of friends old and new to play with me. Lots of new material.  Week one (4/2) will be a rare outing of the MONKEY FARM, with Jon Flaugher joining me on bass and Dave Berger on drums.

Photo by Sean Gallagher

Meanwhile, work in the studio continues apace.  Stay tuned and thanks for listening.




DUMBO, Brooklyn


"we are destroyed" by Howard Fishman

A newly-revised version of my music theater project, this time directed by Ed Schmidt and featuring actors Robert Boardman, Susan Oetgen, Justin Nestor and Nicole Pacent. Also featuring a version of my quartet including Mazz Swift (violin), Jon Flaugher (bass), Ben Holmes (trumpet) and yours truly on guitar and piano.