A Trilogy of New Albums

BETTER GET RIGHT is Howard Fishman's love letter to New Orleans, featuring his "Biting Fish Brass Band" working out on a dizzying array of new originals ("Since You've Been Gone, "Tee Na Na"), soulful traditionals ("Down By The Riverside," "When I Die"), and at least one funky cover from left field ("Mexican Radio").




NO FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS is a song cycle about Fishman's travels through rural Romania with a childhood friend, and what Howard in his liner notes calls "the strange and beautiful adventures we had there."  The album features Fishman's vocals and guitar enveloped by lush arrangements for strings, accordion, piano, banjo and horns (with a bit of nasty electric guitar and bass thrown in for good measure).



THE WORLD WILL BE DIFFERENT is a new suite of songs about love won and lost, featuring a stripped-down combo of guitar, bass, drums and piano accompanied by a string quartet, Fishman's most personal and intimate album to date.