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ASHBME in New Hampshire!

On Sunday, July 6, at the Bentley Theater in the Hopkins Center at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, Howard's theater work-in-progress "A STAR HAS BURNT MY EYE: THE STRANGE CASE OF CONNIE CONVERSE" will have a public outing as part of this year's VOX THEATER FESTIVAL.

The most current iteration of the piece features Howard performing alongside fellow NYC music scenesters Jean Rohe, Charlotte Mundy and Liam Robinson, directed by Sarah Hughes.

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Connie Converse Returns to New Hampshire

"A Star Has Burnt My Eye," Howard's theatrical work-in-progress about Connie Converse directed by Sarah Hughes, has been invited to be a featured selection for this year's VoxFest at Dartmouth College. The project will be in residence from June 29-July 6.  It seems only appropriate that the first out of town visit for this project will be in Connie's home state of New Hampshire.  Stay tuned for more details!