The first time I went to hear Ethan Lipton, I had the experience not uncommon to those of us lucky enough to be aware of this man's particular genius -- I felt as though I were seeing an old friend who'd been away for too long.  The kind of friend I'd been through things with, shared hard times, celebrated good ones, laughed at things with until I was gasping for breath.  The kind of friend who understands, who makes me feel that, somehow,  everything is going to be okay.

Ethan Lipton is that kind of artist -- generous, smart, funny, off-the-wall absurd, right on time. His excellent band includes my pal Ian Riggs on bass, who appears on my LOOK AT ALL THIS! and BASEMENT TAPES albums, and sings my song "Pictures" better than I do. Also in the band are the equally fine sax/wind man Vito Dieterle and guitarist Eben Levy. Together, they make up Ethan Lipton + His Orchestra, and you should really make a point of going to hear them.

In fact, there's no time like the present, if you're in the NYC area. Ethan and the boys have just opened their new show NO PLACE TO GO at Joe's Pub for an extended run.  It's a timely, insightful, funny and sad take on urban life. Go see it.  Trust me. You'll be glad you did.

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