The Old Order Changeth

The Howard Fishman Quartet is pleased to announce the permanent addition of two new members -- Erik Jekabson on trumpet and John Flaugher on bass! As the band prepares for its exciting fall season (highlighted by the October residency at Joe's Pub, resumption of our Sardi's tenure, ongoing shows at Pete's Candy Store, and the long-awaited follow-up to our first CD) the addition of the two new members finds the quartet in a state of unprecedented focus and regularity. The band has evolved once again, and with a brand new repertoire of original material, has built on their intense immersion in American roots music to create what Mike Zwerin, writing in Paris for The International Herald-Tribune, has appropriately dubbed 'Post-Eclectic Pop'... past eclecticism and into the frontier of a new musical landscape. What is it about The Howard Fishman Quartet that makes their performances so compelling? The answer lies, partially in Howard Fishman's own words: "The music is a union of opposing forces, old and new, raw and polished, naive and experienced, traditional and iconoclastic, structural and chaotic." Come on down and hear it for yourself!