Sold Out Release Party at Joe's Pub

Thanks to everyone who turned out for our sold-out CD release party at JOE'S PUB! Here's what critic David Adler had to say about the evening: (From "ALL ABOUT JAZZ, The Web's Ultimate Guide to Jazz"): "Does What He Wants Howard Fishman seems innately immune to creative stagnation, and this was never more apparent than at his February 19th CD release gig at Joe's Pub. The new record, Do What I Want (Monkey Farm), is his first foray into rock territory, complete with drums, electric guitars, organ, and more. This is quite a break from his group's rural and vintage music focus, but the continuity and integrity of the new songs couldn't be clearer. It was still the same wry, crafty Fishman, but now he and the band were clad in T-shirts (at the Pub in January they were in suits). Fishman, with a tiger-stripe red Guild T-50, played and sang while standing up for the first time ever. Russell Farhang brandished an electric violin, and his rapport with fellow soloist Erik Jekabson (trumpet) was never stronger. The additional band members were guitarist Geoff Gersh, keyboardist Brian Pearl, and drummer Sethy G. A couple of cute women got up and danced during the last tune"