I Like You A Lot More

On Monday, June 6 at MAKOR (35 West 67th Street in New York City), Howard Fishman reunites with former bandmates Russell Farhang (violin), Jon Flaugher (bass) and Erik Jekabson (trumpet) for a very special, one-night only performance of HFQ's second CD, I LIKE YOU A LOT. The band will perform the CD in its entirety.-BR- I LIKE YOU A LOT was released in 2001, and has since become something of a cult favorite among listeners worldwide. Rolling Stone writer Andrew Dansby listed it as #3 on his TOP 10 ALBUMS of the year; Terry Gross featured it in a full-length interview with Howard on NPR's FRESH AIR, and the NEW YORKER called it "a haunting collection of cunning originals." Tickets for the 7:30pm performance are $20 and are available by calling 212-601-1000 or at www.makor.com, just click the link at top.