Look At All This!

“Ain’t nothing orthodox about the spin he puts on blues, funk and boogie…The singer-guitarist is just this side of buzzville, and it’s his swagger and joie de vivre that’ll boost his ever widening circle of zealots. See the new LOOK AT ALL THIS! for proof.”


“Complete with tasty horn and mandolin accentuation, Howard Fishman spans genres from the upbeat zydeco styling of “Katie Lala” to the talking country blues of “That Lonesome Road.” The opening track, “Superstitious” could pass as an acoustic David Byrne/Mexicali jam. It doesn’t hurt that the Grammy-winning producer Rob Fraboni, who has worked with everyone from Patti LaBelle to Bob Dylan and Allen Ginsberg, did an incredible job highlighting the varied backing instrumentation and unique vocal delivery of this singular artist. Fishman is a musician’s musician that can tickle the ivory and turn right back around with some fantastic guitar rhythms and licks. Unafraid to layer his sound with backup vocals, “The Best Is Yet To Come" is flavored with a gospel vibe that chimes through like something from a redemptive Sunday service mass... With “You Say,” “Small Talk,” “Decision,” and the closing track, “Pictures,” Fishman pulls off some delightfully tender ballads that effectively carry the emotional weight between the faster-paced tunes like the beams of a well-built musical mansion.”


"...Soulful reflections and midnight ruminations provide a veritable roller coaster ride across the emotional terrain of life and strike a seductive chord just when one least expects it."