Using Greil Marcus’ book THE OLD, WEIRD AMERICA as a touchstone, THE BASEMENT TAPES PROJECT explores the mysterious underground recordings made by Bob Dylan and The Band in 1967.  The project has been programmed to wide acclaim at a major national venues, including Lincoln Center’s “American Songbook” series, the Steppenwolf Theatre’s “Traffic Jam”; and at The Flynn Center in Burlington, VT.

Photo by Jack Vartoogian

Photo by Jack Vartoogian

"I've produced over 100 concerts over the past dozen years. Howard Fishman's Basement Tapes Project show was — hands down — one ofthe greatest single performances I've hosted at my venue. In fact, it was one of the greatest performances I've seen in my life." - Carter Smith, Common Ground Concerts

"Fishman, much like Dylan himself, is loath to tarry very long in any one particular neck of the musical woods. Something of a sonic Zelig, Fishman works backward to get to the root of Dylan's source material, rather than attempting to drag the rustic songs into the 21st century." - David Sprague, VARIETY

"Not a tribute...Aside from offering public performances of music that Dylan refuses to release, it presents an important critical lesson about Dylan's past-into-present musical relationship with The Band while using the songs themselves more as suggestions than scripts." - Grayson Currin, INDY WEEK

"Beautiful and ethereal in a timeless way." - Brett Sigurdson, BURLINGTON WRITERS WORKSHOP

"Musically powerful...blew me away." - KEENE EQUINOX

Q&A with Howard and SEVEN DAYS