Moon Country: The Music Of Hoagy Carmichael

A meeting of kindred musical spirits, MOON COUNTRY is Howard Fishman's take on the music of the late, great singer-songwriter Hoagy Carmichael. Like Fishman's own original compositions, Hoagy Carmicahel's music fuses various strains of what has come to be called "Americana" to fashion a catalogue as diverse as it is iconic and beloved. Jazz, Blues, Country, Western Swing, Pop and Hillbilly music all meet in well-known standards like "Georgia," "Stardust" and "Skylark," while Fishman's fondness for digging up buried treasure also unearths forgotten Hoagy gems like "Blue Orchids," "Judy" and "I Walk With Music."

Carmichael's laid-back, understated style, both as a composer and a performer, finds a natural contemporary voice in Fishman's "charming...and disarmingly un-showbizzy" approach (BACKSTAGE).