The "Basement Tapes" Project

Using Greil Marcus’ book THE OLD, WEIRD AMERICA as a touchstone, THE "BASEMENT TAPES" PROJECT explores the mysterious underground recordings made by Bob Dylan and The Band in 1967.  The project has been programmed to wide acclaim at a major national venues, including Lincoln Center’s “American Songbook” series, The Steppenwolf Theatre,  The Flynn Center in Burlington, VT and at Duke Performances in Durham, NC.

Photo: Jack Vartoogian

Photo: Jack Vartoogian

"One of the greatest performances I've seen in my life." - Carter Smith, Common Ground Concerts

"Fishman, much like Dylan himself, is loath to tarry very long in any one particular neck of the musical woods. Something of a sonic Zelig, Fishman works backward to get to the root of Dylan's source material, rather than attempting to drag the rustic songs into the 21st century." - David Sprague, VARIETY

"Not a tribute...Aside from offering public performances of music that Dylan refuses to release, it presents an important critical lesson about Dylan's past-into-present musical relationship with The Band while using the songs themselves more as suggestions than scripts." - Grayson Currin, INDY WEEK

"Moving, full of pleasure and real—nothing virtual about it."  Marc Woodworth,  Salmagundi Magazine and author of How To Write About Music

"Beautiful and ethereal in a timeless way." - Brett Sigurdson, BURLINGTON WRITERS WORKSHOP

"Musically powerful...blew me away." - KEENE EQUINOX

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